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It is with great pleasure that I can share our vision with you and invite you to look at our Facebook page: Le Bonhe’r Cottage School. The name Le Bonhe’r means HAPPINESS.  We strive to develop each child to their fullest potential, thus enabling them to manage with society.

Le Bonhe’r is in its 9th year running.  The school was formed because parents could not find a place for their children.  We work in a small setup of no more than 6 children in a class. The current learners range between the ages of 5 and 12 years.  We provide a lot of one on one sessions. These sessions are presented in English and Afrikaans. This way the learners are exposed to both languages. 


Currently we have myself, another teacher and two students to assist the children. Le Bonhe’r is registered with the WCED and we work very closely with the Department of Education. The playgrounds on the school premise are not very spacious. However, take strolls to the park located approximately 100 meters away from the premises. There we sometimes eat our lunch and have some free run time,  weather permitting. The municipality has given permission for the aforesaid

books and stationery

All school books and stationery are included in our monthly fee.  The school fee is R3500 per month and we follow the normal school terms. (2020) payable in advance each month. The curriculum is adjusted according to each child’s capabilities with the close co-operation of the occupational therapist and psychologist who is involved with the specific child. 



Speech therapists and psychologist can see the children for therapy at the school for the parent’s account. 

We work in close co-operation with the occupational therapists, psychologist and speech therapists. On a regular bases we arrange a ‘Wednesday’s Child’. At this session we put our heads together to find the best way forward for the specific child’s development. The therapists invoice the parents direct.



School hours are adjusted to follow the COVID protocol.  Aftercare is available until 17:30 at a cost of R900 per month. Unfortunately, the school has no holiday care.  It is a necessity for the teachers and assistants to recharge their batteries. Private arrangements can be made with the tutors for holiday care at their own residence. Payment arrangements can be negotiated directly with the tutors.

Children bring their own food to school, which we can warm up if necessary.

A month’s notice is necessary if your child wants to leave Le Bonhe’r. A registration fee of R1000.00 is payable at the beginning of each year

We’ll handle your child with care!

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