The school rules are intended to establish a disciplined and purposeful environment to facilitate effective teaching and learning at the school.

 The function of the Code of Conduct is to promote positive discipline and self-discipline.

School Uniform

Summer:  Navy or black draw string pants or shorts and Le Bonhe’r T-shirts

Winter: Jeans with Le Bonhe’r grey long sleeve top, Le Bonhe’r beanie and scarf. Girls may wear navy or black pants without pictures.

Hair:  Girl’s long hair must be fastened, and boy’s hair must be neat and not too long.



  • Learners are expected at all times to behave in a courteous and considerate manner towards each other, members of staff and visitors to the school.
  • No learner has the right at any time to behave in a manner that will disrupt the learning activity of another learner, or will cause another learner physical or emotional harm.
  • The school will contact parents/guardians when a learner’s behaviour becomes a cause for concern and will endeavour, in a spirit of constructive partnership, to resolve the problem.
  • Parents/guardians and teachers are jointly responsible for ensuring that all learners attend school.
  • No learner may leave the school during school hours without a letter/sms from a parent/guardian requesting the release of their child AND the permission of the school.
  • Learners are expected to wear the school uniform and appear neat and tidy.
  • No additions to the uniform that are not in accordance with the regulations will be allowed. (e.g. other beanies or jewellery)
  • Fingernails must be kept trimmed short and clean at all times.
  • During events that allow the wearing of casual wear, learners should wear neat, presentable clothes. Beachwear, tight-fitting clothes, clothes that are see-through and/or too revealing are not allowed.
  • The school will not be held responsible for theft of or damage to personal belongings on school premises.
  • School hours (flexible due to COVID 19
  • After care only if possible
  • Should a parent wish to speak to any teacher, they are requested to make an appointment after 16:00. It is not appropriate for learners to be interrupted during school hours.
  • Should a parent/guardian wish to remove the child from Le Bonhe’r, a calendar months’ notice must be given.
  • Should parents have any questions about the school or their child, Le Bonhe’r expects the said to approach the school and not to discuss matters with other parents.
  • Healthy food in the lunch boxes. NO sweets and chips. We warm up cooked meals.
  • Written consent for medication.
  • Please make time to read with your child.
  • Pay attention to homework as well as the condition of the books when it is sent home. We cover books and would like to keep it neat in order to build pride for their work. Feel free to write comments in the book. 


For children with special needs, a firm and regulated environment is of utmost importance.

* If a child struggles to focus, they do a monkey walk down the passage to help them to refocus;

* “Manie Maniere” (the step) is used for discipline when necessary. The child is encouraged to sit and think about what he/she has done wrong and how to change their poor behaviour.(Time out)

* Saying sorry is not sufficient. The child should be encouraged to explain why they are saying sorry so that they understand why their behaviour was unacceptable.


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